Smart Kitchen

Kitchen Display System

Scope: iBay Kitchen Order Processing System simplify kitchen communications and processes—increasing kitchen efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing food quality and speed of service. Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food preparation area, the intuitive, graphical software displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders. iBay Kitchen Order Processing System also provide real-time feedback and capture service times for management reporting. For multi-location restaurants, the display system monitors preparation times against corporate standards to improve orders when needed.

Impact of the Kitchen Order Processing System:

  • Eliminate the usage of paper order receipt.
  • Eliminate the cost of purchasing receipt printer and paper in the long run.
  • Reduce manual efforts to sort orders into different categories.
  • Chef will be able to view and prepare the orders at one go as they have been compiled automatically. Same order items can be processed simultaneously.
  • Chef is only required to click on a button to indicate the completion of the order. The server will be immediately notified to serve out the order.
  • This would not only increase the efficiency of the entire operation but also ensure the smoothness of the flow of operation.

Smart Kitchen

How we help system features ?

Better Customer Service:

More importantly, a KDS can improve customer service by ensuring that food is prepared efficiently and that the entire order arrives at the table simultaneously. iBay KDS can also display ingredient lists or instructions to kitchen staff, which provides more consistency to the preparation of each dish. Customers will appreciate the consistent, reliable service and quality

Less Frustration:

The kitchen is alerted immediately if a table adds an item or changes an order, which eliminates food waste and extra labor. By making it easier for the staff to prepare orders accurately the first time, a KDS can eliminate frustration for cooks, wait staff, and customers alike.

Faster Turnaround:

By preparing meals faster and more accurately, restaurants can also boost sales. Chefs and expeditors don’t have to waste time re-reading tickets or shouting directions to each other, which means the food can be prepared more efficiently. The kitchen can increase production without increasing staffing levels or costs.