Smart Waiter

Waiter Ordering System

iBay waiter ordering system is application for waiters and restaurants, and it is replacement for classic paper waiter pads which they use for taking orders. With this application waiter will be able to monitor every table in restaurant trough three phase of order: order taken, order delivered and order paid. Waiter will have the list of all available items for ordering in every moment. Let your Waiters take orders using a Tablet which are sent directly to the kitchen area.

This can help you solve that problem, and improve your customer service. Waiter is going to the kitchen only when order is ready with use of iBay waiter ordering system.

Smart Waiter:

iBay Waiter Ordering System to bring operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased table turnover rates. Increase more productivity in the order taking and managing process. This system reduces the order taking time for every table. iBay Waiter Ordering System can efficiently speed up a food order which will in turn result in a happier customer and this system reduce human error in the order taking processes.

How Smart Waiter help our Customers?

  • No waiting for customers to decide on what they want.
  • More time to provide better customer service.
  • Check the status of an order without going to the kitchen.
  • Less time spent going between the floor and kitchen.
  • No order mix up or mistakes from the waiter.
  • Final bill figures available at the touch of a button.
  • Add items to outstanding orders when required.

Smart Point of Sale and waiter ordering

Tablet based POS system Easy to implement Complete mobilit

Cloud based system Next generation POS Self Intuitive

Smart waiter order Minimal training Plug and Play

Access the system from anywhere with the internet connection