Smart Paging

Waiter Paging System

iBay waiter paging system helps the restaurant direct communication between waiters and chefs ensure orders go out quicker, tables turn faster and the running of the restaurant can be controlled. With a waiter paging solution, this communication issue is solved. The chef can alert a waiter via a transmitter that the food order for a particular table is ready and waiting to be collected.

The waiter receives the alert on their personal pager either through a vibrate, flash or beep tone. This eliminates raised voices from the kitchen sustaining a peaceful eating environment.

Return on investment With the waiter now able to be alerted to waiting orders, it eliminates the need to run back and forth from the kitchen pass, leaving them more time to upsell drinks and maintain high levels of customer service.

Increased Staff Efficiency Efficient staff through great communications will reduce cold food deliveries and allow staff to offer other things like extra drinks or sweet.

Satisfied Customers from Increased Service Quality With a restaurant that has great service through great staff communications customer service will ensure that your guests come back over and over again.

In-House or Cloud based Have the solution deployed In-House in your own LAN/WAN
Or have it hosted on our own Cloud servers.

Receiver Uses digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable. With 4′ high brightly LED screen, the visual distance will be 150 meter indoor. It can work with 99 transmitters at most. It can save 20 calling info in turn, and apply to any basic service places. 100% water proof design. Built-in antenna offers excellent reception. Wireless communication for up to 300 meters away. Three function buttons including a call button, a cancel button and a bill button. Enable customer to call server over without having to cry out loudly.


Use SCM digital encoding technology with stable performance, No wired involved, easy to operate High brightness LCD display with voice prompts, vibration, and both voice and vibration are optional. Works with single-key and multi-keys transmitters at the same time, like Y-A1,Y-A3,Y-B3, etc. Works with 200 pcs of buttons in max, and can restore last 10 calls Shows current time when it is standby, with 3 kinds of display modes: symbol, text, both symbol and text Save test technology automatically, avoid Convenient for the waiter/waitress to wear at hands, that is a mobile