Smart Kiosk

Customer Self Ordering Kiosk
(Accepts all major credit cards, Nets, flash pay)

Smart Kiosk :

The iBay Self Ordering and payment processes can help retail and F & B sectors to reduce their reliance on manpower and allow them to redeploy their employees to higher value-adding functions such as providing better customer service. This system allow retail and F & B sectors to reach out to more customers, they can also increase revenue and sales opportunities as well. Placing iBay Customer Self ordering kiosk in strategic places with catchy messages and offers can attract more customers and build greater brand identity.

How Smart Kiosk help our Customers?

  1. Increases efficiency and enables higher value-adding activities to be done (such as the engaging of customers to provide better customer service).
  2. Improves productivity as employees has time to manage other activities.
  3. Reduces the time spent on cashiering and cash management.
  4. Decreases human error in order taking and accounting for payment collections.
  5. Achieves significant labour cost saving.
  6. Facilitates sustainability and growth amidst current operating conditions.